2 comments on “The County’s New Public Defender

  1. I agree the DA and the cops should not have had any input in this decision, but welcome to the good ol’ boys club of HC. Fleming seems to be somewhat hooked up with the boys club, or she may be somewhat of a a slouch, or both. But the new guy does seem qualified, according the County web page at http://humboldtgov.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?aid=1174:
    “Marcus has previous experience as the Lassen County Public Defender for seven years, and 13 years of service as Deputy Public Defender with the County of San Bernardino. In addition to his Doctor of Juris Prudence, Marcus has a Master of Public Administration and brings a wealth of education along with his years of experience in Public Defense.”

    Despite how he was chosen, we should give him a chance (and BTW that last comment does not apply to the SCROTUS, he’s already had enough of a chance to demonstrate his corruption and incompetence).

    • The Lassen County Grand Jury wasn’t very impressed with his performance as PD there, and he allowed a judge there, who was known to be prejudiced against the PD, to hear cases represented by the PD. I don’t care how much education he has if he doesn’t care about his clients, and I sure don’t hear his clients raving about him. He also used to work for Facebook, which doesn’t make me like him any more. If you want to give him a chance, go ahead and let him represent you. I think the indigent defendants of Humboldt County deserves someone who knows this county, and how to defend poor defendants from our corrupt system.

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