6 comments on “Three Facts That Prove Everything We Know is Wrong

  1. First a response to the above comment, than my main point for joining the conversation with a statement.
    Civilization IS a step forward. It has brought sciences and medicines to a level unheard of but in fantasies; and has led its followers to actually “go back” and re-consider, and scientifically prove, that those old remedies were great many times. Engineering is fantastic! From toilets, to refrigeration, to power, to lightbulbs, to earthquake proofing, to kitchen counters, to flood control (holy crap, flood control. LA still exists after this last weekend, while in 1864 floods destroyed nearly EVERYTHING!), to toilet paper itself. READING is great: as is the printed word, in all kinds, including RIGHT HERE. The best part about all of is, is that we are learning that some of that stuff that we have made things out of is crappy, and you better believe over time everyone is going to know. Sadly, like the “Fertile Crescent” mentioned above shows, WAR can ruin it all.
    Two. Alcoholism in your list needs to be replaced with “Addiction.” The “I need that” needs to change to “I would like that.” From coffee, to Specific Coffee, to booze, to Specific Booze, to smokes of all kinds, to driving, to TV, to Computing, to music, to Video Games, to exercise, and even sugar and foods. Even reading. “I slave for the weekend!” I like booze. It’s a tasty treat. It, and every item mentioned and more, needs to go on the Tasty Treat list.

    • Toilets waste water, and contaminate more. Our medical system is broken, and people are sicker than ever. The science is clear. Civilization is the biggest mistake in the history of humanity. The problems we have created for ourselves through civilization are enormous. Alcoholism is the real reason we made that mistake to begin with. All of our other problems result from that tragedy, including other forms of addiction, and the pervasive brainwashing that has convinced people to put up with such attenuated lives. People need “tasty treats” only because civilization offers people nothing that truly satisfies. Only slaves, slave for the weekend. you deserve better. You deserve a whole life.

  2. Hello John, your thought about alcoholism as a driving force over the millennia was intriguing. Have you ever read Jared Diamond’s Collapse? It helped me realize that being primitive by no means meant humans didn’t harm the environment, at times quite dramatically, as you pointed out with the example of the fertile crescent. Dirt: the Erosion of Civilization is another great book on this subject. People have always had varying degrees of intelligence and made mistakes. Granted, I think modern technology has taken environmental destruction to an unprecedented level. Now it’s not just a region we are talking about, but the potential to destroy the whole planet. I’m more convinced that we need God’s help for wisdom about how to live as we should. I believe He is calling for radical lifestyle change and I’ve had a hard time finding people willing to go there….

    • Yes, I’m familiar with Collapse by Jared Diamond, however, the environmental destruction in the fertile crescent was done by modern agricultural people. It is wrong to call hunter-gatherer cultures “primitive,” and it is also wrong to claim that hunter-gatherer cultures did anything like the environmental destruction wrought by civilized people. If you are unclear on the difference, or the role of “God” in it all, I suggest you read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

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