4 comments on “Feelin’ the Love

  1. off topic but

    Thank you John and Amy for going all the way up to Yukreka for the planning commission meeting re: so-called ‘Community’ Park and speaking up for the birds/river/rocks/trees…for LIFE.

    The winter shelter seems to be going well…thanks to Peg and Yashi for trying to plug the holes wrought by capitalism.

    • Thank you Katya. We went there, also to oppose the proposed cannabis depot on Locust Street, and we prevailed in stopping it. When you consider all of the impacts the marijuana industry has had on affordable housing in Humboldt County, we shouldn’t have to endure any more because of legalization. Thanks to Peg and Yashi for helping to deal with the consequences of the War on Drugs in Humboldt County, by helping those displaced by drug dealer’s greed, on the coldest nights of the years.
      Always great to hear from you, Katya, on topic or off.

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