4 comments on “Humboldt is Habitat

  1. Legalization is likely to protect Humboldt wildlife in the long run. Legal grows will be more profitable in agricultural area closer to highways and cities for distribution. Central California will get more pot grows and take a greater market share. Large scale pot farming can leave Humboldt all together and backyard grow-your-own can stay. I know farmers want to cultivate the specialty and tourism markets in Humboldt for economic reasons, and I’m sure we will have some of that. But Humboldt is not ideal for agricultural production. It’s mostly not farmland. I think that is for the best. It will be for the wildlife.
    HG (aka Dazey)

    • Thanks HG (aka Dazey) I think you are right, but I fear that the damage will already be done by the time the legal farmers catch up. It is critically important that legalization happen soon, and that legal growers drive the black-market bad actors out of business before they destroy any more of Humboldt County.

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