9 comments on “Dump Trump and Make a Stand

  1. Your description of our society and our government is accurate. We need to learn from the indigenous cultures how to live WITH the land and all it’s creatures (not just live on it). I sincerely hope it is not too late already. Whether it is or not, most people are not ready for this gigantic shift in thinking and living.

    As for the Stand at Standing Rock, it’s not over yet. No fat lady has sung. The easement has not been granted (but it has not exactly been denied either). The Army Corps of Engineers has said a “limited” EIS (environmental impact statement) will need to be done before approval of the easement. This is not as good as a full EIS. And there is a likelihood if the easement isn’t granted in the current location, it might just be moved up or down stream. Not good enough. The black snake must die. Remain vigilant. I stand with Standing Rock. Mni Waconi.

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