13 comments on “What has Measure Z Done for “Public Safety?”

  1. Agreed, very meaningful write up

    Lots of local stupidity, naivity, apathy, dumbing down, etc…

    In a county that pretty much always has “budget issues” and end of days fiscal year and year over year projections,

    Supes created the conditions for more violence in order to create a perceived need in order to get more funding in order to grow local gubbamint larger in order to control more in order to take more in order to cause more of the circle jerking to take more money to give it to futility that is not held accountable for the wrongs perpetrated.

    Some stuff that people do (all makes and models) does create a need for panhandling laws


    When girls scouts, Jehovah’s witnesses, political campaign door to door intrusiveness, school faux campaigns, door to door sales people, phone pollings, mailed parafernalias of all kinds and sorts, etc…..goes to show truly the poor are the pinata at a diversity party that exclude equal opportunities for the poor to “hit back”.

    The real conspiracy is that there are very few differences between progressivess, libs and neo cons when it comes to politics…….even though the melodramatic speeches and misrepresentations sound or read as different, but deep down and dirty, it all aligns like a constellation that is eternal.

      • Your welcome,

        You bring additional vision that spotlights issues necessary to be resolved and the cause and effect scenarios that follow.

        Thank You for being you, doing you, caring about issues and providing critique.

  2. Forgot to add this as evidence:

    Pot regulations are designed to import outsiders to grow in Humboldt because Humboldt needs the money to spend on law enforcement in areas having nothing to do with pot…….should not a specific tax specifically be implemented (if passed) on those costs associated only with pot? Not heroin, not meth, not buying armored vehicles not needed, not hiring more public employees not needed, not funding pensions having nothing to do with local issues that are being specifically taxed, etc….

    Liars are low people in life with ulterior motives that only hurt society and individuals in both broadband and localized, case by case situations.

    We know why LEO hates body cameras and body audio and why tens of millions has been wasted by Humboldt County historically on the LEO pyramid scheme……and to think less than 100k would outfit all LEO with devices that suppress the ability of LEO to lie, cheat, bully, harass, commit a state crime, etc….

    Money not needed for soso cops, but for necessary investigators, human rights commission functions, etc….and the pay to play scams are perpetuated by gubbamint on behalf of and for gubbamint…….like “catch and release”.

  3. We have a population here that averages about a fourth grade understanding of how politics works and has no regard for “getting it in writing” so yes, they got snookered. Perhaps the very expensive armored vehicle Downey is getting can periodically come down and be parked near the former “town square”.

  4. I’m voting against new sales taxes no matter what they are for, I don’t care. Find the money elsewhere, or let’s just go without. Even the roads, screw it, I’ll swerve around the potholes. Raise property taxes instead. Our sales taxes here are absurdly high already.

  5. Good article John. I agree we don’t need more sales taxes for any reason. It seems like the entire Board of Supervisors and the stream of imbeciles they hire as County Counsel all have no more than a fourth grade education. The Supes kowtow to County Counsel which might be OK if they ever hired a decent ethical one. Instead they sent a mailer at public expense to push their ballot measures with the absurd disclaimer that the “County does not advocate a yes or no vote”. They don’t care about the law, which state, in the Government Code:
    54964. (a) An officer, employee, or consultant of a local agency
    may not expend or authorize the expenditure of any of the funds of
    the local agency to support or oppose the approval or rejection of a
    ballot measure, or the election or defeat of a candidate, by the

    Someone should really complain to the FPPC.

      • Government does not work. It’s time to stop pretending that it can be reformed/improved. Government is always a shyster like Trump trying to convince people that he knows what’s best for them. Don’t be a sucker, don’t consent to be governed.

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