4 comments on “When You Complain About the Poor, It Says More Than You Realize

  1. Reasonable people don’t complain about the poor!

    Reasonable people complain about the criminal activities.

    The fact that criminals are poor is a seperate issue.

  2. I appreciate your writing John, the way you put yourself.you put yourself out there, the topics you choose.
    Having been homeless off and on for more than twenty years I dont have much hope left. In school they told me I was the future, I could be what I wanted. When I said music they said no, when I said art they said “nope, you can’t make money off that!”
    WTF, my little seven year old mind thought. I don’t want to sit in a box all day counting numbers!
    But alot of other people like to sit in boxes their whole lives. The box tells them what to think, who to marry, and what to eat. Their box tells them everything outside their box is dangerous.
    Well my box got torn up in Santa Cruz in the late 80’s. And when I started to sleep in my car, or the woods, my life changed irrevocably.
    There were still hippies who shared back then, and I met some Great people, people who cared about art and music.
    I might be a failure in societies eyes but I have more than the middle class will ever, ever concieve of
    Tonight I made chicken soup out of a whole freshchicken I pulled from the dumpster along with vegies, also dumpster diven. May I add, the LAST dumpster that has not been locked because of selfish city leaders, and no I will not get sick.
    My only sorrow is I eat alone because almost everyone on the street in my town is on strong dope and I don’t want to blow my scene.
    Bless y’all.

    • I always appreciate your comments too. Thanks for taking the time to write. I hear you. Art matters! Music matters! Most of what the middle-class does in those little cubicles doesn’t matter, and makes life worse. That’s why I use my words to make the middle-class uncomfortable, and to remind them that they are traitors to humanity. And if they can’t understand that, I like to remind them that it’s because they are stupid. I hope you find more great people and the sustenance and shelter you need and deserve. I admire your strength, fortitude and resourcefulness. Blessings to you.

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