4 comments on “Hillary V The Donald

  1. I dunno… We tried going “idiot” for eight years and it did not turn out so well. Say what you will about Obama, at least he didn’t wreck the global economy.

    So… What are you proposing? Dropping out? Can’t see how that will help. Armed revolution? I REALLY can’t see how that will help. Educating the masses to develop the sophistication to see through the masks? The masses aren’t that invested in their rulers… the attitude is we hire people to take care of the messy details for us. The masses aren’t interested in the messy details, except for the occasional tidbit of Tabloid fodder.

    Perhaps you are where I am at now… Frustrated and having no clue how to solve the problem, or even suspecting there is no real solution.

    One thing is for certain: We have never elected a saint to be President, we won’t now nor will we ever.

  2. You pretty much nailed it. A lot of people are peeing their pants because they think that a)we actually have a democracy and that b)the president is a powerful person that deeply influences our lives. They say that Trump will bring on fascism in the USA. What the hell do they think we have now? Many feel that voting for president is how one participates in this faux democracy. They talk about things like supreme court nominees. Despite rampant poverty, brutality and corruption for the entire history of this nation we are asked to vote and hope, hope and vote. Despite the fact that every election begins with the raising of zillions of dollars we are supposed to believe the lie that the rich and comfortable are motivated to act in our behalf even though we have no organization or power. I pledge allegiance to whatever bullshit story the powers that be want to spread. Make movies that portray assholes as heroes, we’ll watch.

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