6 comments on “SoHum Needs Rehab

  1. when did you become such a sad sack? speak for yourself. i can’t tell if you’re too drunk or too stoned for this one.

  2. I don’t know how to edit on the website, I meant to write:

    Humboldt County is not like the Wild West, it is the Wild West. Which has always attracted freebooters and prairie scum. With our corrupt Sheriff and a DA’s office that has been dysfunctional for many years, it has also attracted at least a few international criminal gangs including Mexican cartels and Bulgarian mafias. This has gotten way out of hand and it pathetic that even the Feds seem to be looking the other way most of the time, and misallocating their resources by aiming at real medical grows and ignoring greedy, forest destroying, earth poisoning gangs.

    I keep hearing people say we are on the verge of legalization, well I’m not holding my breath on that. Even if California passes the very badly written pending initiative Prop 64 (which is opposed by all the original authors of 215) weed remains illegal under federal law. It is so illegal that neither SHCHD nor Redwoods Rural will allow their doctors to write 215 notes. And that is rather inconvenient for a lot of their patients.

    Prop 64 creates new crimes and seems to be designed to favor huge, i.e., corporate, growers. The same assholes who sneered at the hippies are lining up to cash in, highly paid speakers are giving them seminars on how to navigate the byzantine regulatory framework that California seems to want, instead of a simpler winery model of legalization. Sadly they are in it for the money, not because they suddenly realized that the hippies were right, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDQD0tifunY

    Legalization is not regulating every step of the process from seed to weed, it should mean weed is treated like parsley or any other annual herb. The Prop 64 one ounce limit on personal possession is not legalization.

    So as much as I have spent most of my life wishing pot was legal, I’m voting against 64 because much of my life has consisted of not getting what I want but getting what I don’t want, and whatever redeeming features Prop 64 may have, I don’t want it. Anyway Dennis Peron and his brain trust are putting together a good initiative for 2018.

    The outlaw mentality here has fostered impolite and inconsiderate people, not to mention the hard core thugs and gangs. I sympathize with your rant but I don’t know how to make people behave better, other than to try to treat everyone with kindness and hope they catch on.

    The thing in red was supposed to be an html tag to underline the word “is”. Can you please take down what I posted and post this corrected version for me?

    Thank you,



  3. I dont believe this is a rant,I think its the Truth and thank you John for speaking it!!I That attack by teenagers brought back horrible memories of thanksgiving time years ago when a man died.I have been thinking alot this week about our youth here.WE are in trouble folks plain and true.I spoke with some local kids and know that they are using heroin and acting like its nothing! There is also kids cutting themselves(self mutilation) its happening right now, right here! Money is NOT more important than life.We can reinvent and live a simple life.I long for times of homesteading and get togethers with neighbors and activities for our children.We need to honor the earth and our ability to live in a rural area,we need to celebrate with love and respect for the abundance we have here.I could give two shits about any brand anything if we ignore women being raped and kids being depressed!Lets fill all the jobs in town at the businesses always hiring and come together in a good way for the sake of Sanity!!!!

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