15 comments on “SoHum’s Latest Embarrassment

  1. Perhaps you would like to host this at your house or property since you feel so strongly about it. After all, we are talking about private property. You have no stake or liabilty in what these private property owners are doing, which makes you a mere 3rd party interloper.

    • Welcome to my blog. I say whatever the fuck I want to say here. You are welcome to visit, and leave comments, even though you have no stake in, or liability for, what happens here. If you ever have a thought that you can convey coherently, I hope you’ll come back to share it.

      • There was no mention in my comment regarding what you can say or not say. You were whining about how cruel people are yet you offered no solution. Sine it is apparent that you are not capable of a coherent rebuttal, the only solution would be for you to host these “tourists” and or seasonal workers since you care about them so much. I didnt think so which is why you twisted my comment the way you did. Why leave your blog open to comments if you cant dish what you dish out. I will remember to bring cheese and crackers to your next “whine” party.

    • As for the idea of using the “Community Park”, its private property too. That Board of Directors is already holding their park hostage and has closed it before to get what they wanted (concerts & festivals).

      I read what Robert “Woods” Sutherland wrote in a letter to the editor. He proposes the farmers market move down at the Community Park. People in SoHum need to stop coming up with all these “visionary” half baked idea’s (no pun) that looks good on paper, sounds good in theory, but won’t fly when you add human greed and haphazard development to the mix, And by the way, people are already living in tents down at the Community Park, aka farm labor, LOL.

      Save the South Fork Eel…

  2. I don’t like pot, and I really hate how the industry is destroying this wonderful place. The only upside to the industry are the folks who come here from all over the country and the world to trim. It’s fun meeting people from other places and having Eurail flashbacks from all the accents and languages.

  3. You’re a bit off the mark on this one, John. The so called town square was a bad idea from the start that was put forth by well intentioned locals who never spent much time in Garberville after dark. The recent brutal attack there was perhaps not inevitable but certainly not surprising. Tweakers and other hard drug addicts sometimes dominate the scene and without any deputies who actually patrol on foot trouble has been asked for and received. I warn any trimmigrant I encounter that it is a dangerous, very risky place to be unsheltered. Homeless folks need shelter and sanitation facilities but the tightwads around here will not be providing those any time soon. In the meantime, it’s very ugly out there. It was better as a parking lot.

    • You are right, until we do something about the drug dealers and drug addicts who dominate and control SoHum, SoHum will remain a violent drug ghetto. It’s embarrassing, but it’s true.

  4. Lol. Why did you remove my last comment? What are you hiding??? Thats ok, i have a screen shot of the posted comments and will post somewhere else to publish. Your credibilty is now tarnished. Ooh your toast just got burned! And you still havent answered how you contributed to finding a solution to your whiny post. Nice way of getting around from answering the questions. You can delete these comments if you would like to further diminish any credibilty you have left. i already have a screen print. You must be a communist.

  5. Pretty much every town in north america is founded on stolen land, colonial representatives of european business interests, and religious nut jobs.
    Think about it.

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