8 comments on “SoHum Has Created a Monster

  1. This would not have happened if the Supes had hired a decent attorney as County Counsel, but they seem intent on continuing their tradition of hiring completely unqualified lawyers for that position. The new one is just one in a very long string of unqualified people to hold that job. No lawyer with even a slight acquaintance with the First Amendment would have allowed them to pass this absurd ordinance.

      • Just for clarity, I always ask business owners permission, unless they are closed. A little politeness goes a long way. At least for now, in the little town I’m in, never had a problem, tho I see future antihomeless/panhandling lawz affecting buskers and artists.

      • Yes, politeness goes a long way, but it’s important to know your rights and to exercise them from time to time. I agree that these new laws unfairly target artists and buskers. Artists and buskers are the life of a town. Nobody stands in rapt amazement listening to businessmen complain about poor people. In fact there’s few things more repulsive than greedy people complaining about the poor.

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