4 comments on “The Big Lie Called “Public Safety”

  1. Great write up!

    Remember, Bonnie Neely and John Woolley, and Jimi Smith (deceased), Jill Geist (Duffy), etc. , and people like Mrs. Pelligrini (fishing industry), or Mrs. Dana McCullough (run outta town twice in her school administrator career), or the many appointed citizens on commissions and boards who are shoulder rubbers, etc…..

    They all don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves, their close associates in sociopolitics, and being popularized while colluding to line their lifestyles…..think about the Planning Commission as an example……had HOJ won election, no way in hell Ben Shepherd is even considered, nor two active general contractors/developers would be appointed without a fight……retirees should be on these commissions/boards, not active participants colluding to write the rules, enforce laws using cherry picking techniques.

    If the proposed law on panhandling passes, time to go to Ryan Sundbergs home to panhandle stuff like Jehovas Witnesses do…….except, instead of perfume and dress clothes, a homeless person in rags, stinky and smelly, panhandling their “thoughts”.

    Equal protection standards under the law, something locals have never experienced.

    • Glad you liked it! I agree. Retirees have the experience and the perspective we need on these commissions. You knock on Ryan Sundberg’s door and I’ll brush off my clipboard and knock on Estelle Fennell’s.

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