6 comments on ““Aggressive Solicitation”

  1. I say no, as often as I say yes, when someone asks me for money. I’ve never had anyone get aggressive or abusive when I’ve said no. I also don’t think most people know that any sort of solicitation, on a sidewalk, would be outlawed by this ordinance. Effectively, no solicitations in public spaces.

  2. I completely agree. There is a group of people who want to believe they can live in a world where they dont have to see, hear, or smell those less fortunate then them. The same people who claim the ‘others’ are free-loading off of their hard earned and forfeited tax dollars. You know, that super easy and fun lifestyle of begging for food? They complain of this underclasses sense of entitlement, as if there is no irony in their call to live cloistered in a world of convenience reliant on exploiting people and resources … somewhere else, out of site out of mind. Fuck those people.

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