17 comments on “Deputy Jason Daniels, Brought to You by Estelle Fennell

  1. This article is poorly written. The article states that standing next to Sheriff Downey on the right is Jason Daniels. That’s impossible since the photo showed was taken after Mr. Daniels was relieved of his employment. In fact, the person referenced in the photo doesn’t even look like Mr. Daniels. I feel this article is misleading and judgemental. This article is trying to convict Mr. Daniels without facts or evidence. This author should have made his/her point regarding Estelle Fennel because clearly that’s where it belongs. As far as Mr. Daniels situation, I think people should not assume the worst. There is no factual information or evidence to support the charges filed.

  2. This is absolutely one of the worst blog sites, right up there with Chiv.

    Time for Kym Starr (Verbina) to Chiv your arses too.

    You incriminate the guy before any results are final.

    Doubt cops routinely or in a blue moon would rape two drug addicted women on a public street with sexually transmitted infections, or aids and look butt ugly as hell. The women in question have reportedly changed their melodramatic stories as well.

    No wonder cops go in pairs, so two bit drugee feminist cons can’t use their pussy as an alibi defense of rape or fondeling or whatever bullshit…..and this coming from a guy with an anti cop attitude already.

    Whoever you are as this site’s administrator/moderator, get a gender check!

  3. Jason Daniels is an Ass Hole. He wouldn’t come out when a friend of mine called the Sheriff’s office when his neighbor pointed a gun at him. He treated my friend like he was the problem. What a scumbag!

  4. Yet another example of why they are called the notoriously corrupt and incompetent HCSO. Given the fact that Downey is possibly the most corrupt Sheriff in California, it is not surprising that a culture of corruption flourishes at HCSO.

    • Ya, it is pretty bad, but what is worse is making false allegations about a guy who may or may not be corrupted.

      HOJ has been victimized by cops, but audio/video evidence accompanies the claims. HOJ suggests a mobile phone for these two women so that all they gotta do is hit record.

      BTW, the stretcher melodramatic tactic by Jane Doe #1 didnt convince onlookers…….jury finds guy not guilty, lets see if an appeal is in the works.

      Not all women are innocent peaches, but are evil and vindictive and con artists cuz they use their gender for sympathy.

  5. John, you regularly refer to “Town Patrol” (actually called Locals on Patrol) as being vigilantes. When I first heard allegations of abuse, I actually went out and followed them to see if it were true. It’s nonsense, and it’s damned insulting to repeat rumors about good people, and PUBLISH it without taking a couple of hours out of your doubtlessly busy schedule to go along, ask questions, and see for yourself. A good story is always a better draw than the truth, though. I invite you to take the Pepsi challenge and see for yourself. They meet every weeknight at six in Rays parking lot in Garberville.

    • I’ve watched “locals on patrol” harass people on the street. Friends of mine have been beaten up on the streets of Garberville, because they were poor, and had nowhere to go. If the “locals on Patrol” were “good people” they’d be working to help the poor, and organizing to make Humboldt a more humane place to live. Instead, they vilify the poor and homeless for their poverty. They don’t stand up to the greedy real-estate bloodsuckers who sell all the land around here to black-market mobsters. They don’t stand up to the rich dope yuppies who run vanity restaurants catering to other rich drug dealers. No, instead, they go after the victims of the War on Drugs. The Locals on Patrol have earned their reputation as vigilantes, and they have no right to tell anyone how to use the sidewalks or other public spaces in Garberville. You can tell how “good” the people in a community are by how well they treat the poor, not by how much they suck up to the rich.

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