2 comments on “Choosing Our New Senator, the Voter Guide Tells You Enough

  1. Sanchez is the best candidate. Harris is a self-promoting opportunistic career politician who has been useless as AG, her office states that her official policy as AG is to defer to the local DA no matter how corrupt or insane the local DA may be. If that is her policy, what is the point of having an AG? The AG should be there to go after corrupt DA’s, and especially to prosecute corrupt cops that the local DA protects, which is what we happen to have in abundance here in this County. Humboldt is #1! We have the highest rate of MS, the highest arrest rate, and the least educated and most corrupt Sheriff in California. Also the most ineffective head of Code Enforcement, who states in writing he has NEVER gotten an inspection warrant and does not know how to get one. The so called coalition for property rights and the greed heads and fools who support it are destroying this place.

    FYI, property does not have rights. Property is theft!

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