4 comments on “Seed ’em for Freedom

  1. Once again you are absolutely correct and I agree completely. The thing that used to make me laugh a lot now gets me enraged sometimes. Another factor is the mind blowing waste of the weed itself. Like huge agribusinesses, a lot of weed is cast aside as unworthy. These people never lived through the times when foreign weed got sprayed with poison and there were shortages. I’m still a pot hoarder. I was poor enough to only use other people’s floor scrapings for a lot of years in this county.

    • Thanks Jerry! I’m enraged too, but I keep trying to find something to laugh about. I remember weed shortages well, and the ridiculously high prices that followed. I’d still rather have pot than money, but I hate to see people waste either of them because waste is ugly.

  2. I like a good seeded weed. It cuts down on the strength a bit. A more satisfied feeling, like after good sex. And I certainly remember the joy of being able to put those seeds; from SE asia, to columbia, even good old mexico, into the ground, and growing some “real” weed.
    Clones? Hybridized bubblegum? Pretty, but little substance.

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