6 comments on “The Southern Humboldt Community Discredit Union

  1. Check out your options with other financial institutions and you’ll soon come to the conclusion that the members of CCUSH have it pretty sweet. Get over your pique and enjoy the friendly staff, the online experience available 24/7 and the wide range of services that CCUSH is able to offer.

    Better yet, instead of complaining on mass media (believe it or not, non-member Humboldt residents could give a hoot about what policies CCUSH has) get involved by attending committee and board meetings. Run for a position as a committee member. Being a productive, contrary committe member is a heck of a lot more useful than being a negative, whining voice in the wilderness.

    In short, put up or shut up.

  2. Dunning–Kruger on display from a blogger regarding the financial industry and what it takes to run a credit union.

    If anyone would like to learn more about DK, this blog post is a great place to put that knowledge into a functional critique.

  3. I can tell you as a former employee of the credit union that I left for two reasons:1) working there was like being in the army because there was little or no respect for the employees and chain of command was strictly enforced to the point of absurdity; 2)most customers were held in contempt, especially if their account was small, or if they were not straight, preferably married, or if they were “stupid” as my supervisor often said enough to not want to bank online. But I feel that it is still “our” credit union and that perhaps one day it will be returned to us when more enlightened management somehow is employed so I am still a member and my account is still open. As for baby boomers, since I am one of the first of those, I will vouch that we are the most selfish generation ever to live on Earth and the only good hope is that our latest “boom” is being felt in the funeral business.

    • I didn’t know you once worked at the credit union! I do know that people have no control over when and where they are born. I just like to remind Boomers to leave a little bit of the world for the rest of us. That’s still kind of a novel idea to a lot of them, but if they have your sense of humor and tolerance for criticism, I don’t mind if they stick around for a while.

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