2 comments on “Anti-Journalism

  1. Yeah, I was a journalism guy in high school and junior college because I was a pretty good hack writer who was curious about everything and wanted to get paid to cover sports (sometimes I actually did) and then I was a politics major at UC Santa Barbara and I wanted to get paid to cover that but the more i learned about politics the more I decided to drop out and I haven’t really regretted that because I was either going to get fired real fast or else drink myself to death. There is no real journalism now and maybe there never has been. Guys I knew who covered Vietnam and told the truth would never be allowed anywhere near the action anymore for obvious reasons. There is very little if any editing done as cost cutting prevails and advertising means that self censorship also prevails. For instance, can you imagine one of our local weekly sheets reporting anything negative about Mateel Community Center or any of the grower supply centers? Thanks again

    • Dropping out is the smartest thing anyone can do. It ain’t easy, but whatever the cost, it’s worth it, because the economy is killing us. That’s the truth!

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