6 comments on “Did You Celebrate Earth Day?

  1. (Not aimed at you, John)

    Quit breeding! For goddess’ sake; you are not special, you are not holy for ‘bringing forth life’ you are adding to the burden borne by a planet completely sucked dry of ‘resources’ for your dope yuppie life-style!

    Sick of these people wearing their ‘bay bees’ like accessories.

    Whew! Got *that* off my chest. Too bad not many will see it.

  2. Wish I could argue with you on that but I can’t. The first Earth Day I was a reporter for the student paper at Orange Coast College and interviewed a woman who became a good friend about the whole “ecology thing”. Now we know that we are in the midst of the sixth extinction with young people who think that recycling is pissing in the wind. Chernobyl lives. At least they don’t (yet!) have Earth Day sales where you buy plastic recycling tubs at 2 for one prices. Too many people are just waiting to go to heaven.

  3. I enjoy your writing, I missed the 60’s, but at least met some of the survivors.Just think, in about 20 million years, this era will be compressed into the geological record, a thin carboniferous layer comprised of our oily, toxic residue. Can they they co-opt eternity?

    Stay tuned.

    • Thanks! The sixties were pretty much over by the time I started elementary school. Yes, this era will be compressed into a thin layer of toxic grease topped with fossilized fast-food wrappers, but they will not co-opt eternity. Their extinction is at hand too.

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