11 comments on “Call it Marijuana

  1. Could not have said it better myself. Beware of people in suits using euphemisms. Some of them don’t even get high. And if these people are “farmers” I am an astrophysicist. Also, if this is such an ideal natural place to grow weed, as some such as Steve Dodge keep writing, why do I see so many truckloads of dirt coming in and why is so much water being stolen?

  2. There is a history to words. The AMA did not realize that Congress was going to outlaw cannabis because it was called marijuana in the Congress. Once the AMA realized what was on the table, they did testify against criminalizing the plant of a thousand names, ganga, gage, bhang, reefer, pot, herb, weed, hooter, muggles, wacky tobaccy, dope, dank, doobage, doobular material, sinsemilla, haze, pakalolo, bud, chronic, nugs, Mary Jane, smoke, skunk, chiba, etc. etc. plus all the place names like Maui, Mendo, Puna, Thai, etc. etc. I’d think of more but I might have just smoked two joints after I smoked two joints.

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