8 comments on “My Doctor Got Busted

  1. I hope she never practices medicine again, because she was a terrible doctor. This arrest answers my question concerning why she became a doctor, because a concern for sick patients was clearly not a motivation for her.

  2. I’m with you, although I don’t have time for psychedelics anymore either. Pain meds are definitely over prescribed and I don’t see the fun of that at all–more like you get addicted and one leads to another. A little pain is not the end of the world; just proves you’re alive. Yoga takes care of most of my problems but that’s not a party I guess. We need to have compassion for those of us who get addicted.

    • Agreed. Addiction is a terrible problem, but it’s an innocent problem, at least compared to greed, our national creed. I’ll make time for psychedelics, but I don’t know where to find them. I’ve been on the lookout for about ten hits of acid for years now. I just don’t hang out with the right people anymore.

  3. She left a mess behind her when she left, meaning; too many ‘patients’ dependent on prescription drugs…

    It was just too easy to go to RRHC and get a pill for whatever was ailin’ ya.

    Pharma kills.

    Straight up.

  4. wendi was a awesome dr.
    marin county railroaded her.And that was fd up. Yes she prescribed my meds and it suck finding a new doctor, but she was a good woman. All we have are the details but we don’t know her story.I hope she gets to practice again because finding a compassionate doctor isn’t really easy.

    West marin cops suck, she didn’t deserve their bullshit.

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