4 comments on “I Watch the Supes Make Sausage

  1. The combination of the name ‘Lazar’ and the words ‘environmental protections’
    is something we rarely get on the coast.
    Planner Lazar and K. Girard (Woolley and Lovelace) buried our federal wetland delineations
    and allowed both wetlands and buffers to be so abused that they
    drained and are now failing geologically. One half-mile of Fore Dune
    on the Rudd Property, has collapsed- inviting salt-water intrusion onto
    the deflation-plane- fresh water Coastal Act marshes- the very resource
    Manila’s acquisition was to protect.
    Recently Lazar at the counter of Building and Planning told me that
    those federally delineated wetlands (County GIS) “don’t count.”
    John, maybe you could help unravel this oncoming train wreck,
    before more wetlands are lost by ignorance and neglect.

  2. “Regulation” in this context just means another way of keeping most weed illegal and the price thus supported which defeats the whole aim of decriminalization. What a pathetic waste of time. There can be and will be no effective enforcement.

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