3 comments on “I Know Where the Bodies are Buried

  1. You have read my rap before but I feel the need to add. I was discussing this very topic with my friend Manuel the other day and we agreed: there is no way that we would make the same decision today that we made decades ago, that is: to move to this area and want to settle. No way. Mom and pop growers were not a myth then; I knew many. In the 80s, marijuana stopped being what it was in many people’s minds and became MONEY. It was one thing to supplement a meager income by making a little extra dough but the giant leap to making it an all your eggs in one basket reason for living has corrupted the scene so badly that it’s not even that much fun getting high anymore. I want prohibition to end and have since the 60s. But it won’t–all this bullshit about “registering” and “protecting the brand” means continued ripoffs, murders, and prostitution. And the banks and credit unions and retailers want things to stay the same too. Thanks for your work.

  2. Just so long as one of the bodes isn’t yours. I am worried about the rains and your road. I know, don’t worry, but I am a Mom so it comes with the job. how was the music concert? Hope you had a good time. Stay well, Love Mom

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