4 comments on “This Kind, Wonderful Community Called SoHum

  1. It’s too bad the LoCO won’t let you use the pictures… they are half the fun. If it’s any consolation, I’m old enough to remember the Timber Industry’s backlash against environmentalist concerns. The language your critics use is eerily similar.

    Who knows? Perhaps some day you’ll see signs on people’s homes saying, “Our family is supported by the Cannabis Industry”; all the while pining-away for the “Good Old Days” when MJ was king.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know there was at least one reader out there who appreciates what you are trying to do. It can’t be an easy job, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks, MOLA42. I really appreciate the support. Yes, the rhetoric is startlingly similar. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they used the same old signs, and just crossed off “Timber” replacing it with “Cannabis,” and look for boxes of “Coho Salmon Helper” in local markets, just like the boxes of “Spotted Owl Helper” I remember from the timber wars. Some people have told me that they like to read the essay first, before they look at the pictures, because the pics distract them too much. I like LOCOs approach, because you get the essay as I wrote it. Personally, I like the pictures, because I can’t stand to look at a whole page of text, let alone read it. Without the pics, I’d never read my own posts.

  2. You forgot to mention another group of people, C- the back to the land people who came here not particularly to grow weed but to grow their own food. And maybe a little weed on the side.

    As Daveau, rest his soul. used to say, Live like a peasant, eat like a king. I moved here to get out of the city and eat stuff that I grew or gathered or caught, and I admit it was nice not to have to buy weed anymore, and there are a lot of people who came here to get back to the land, as logged over as it is. I can’t stand the yuppies either, whether here or in the City.

    You also may have forgotten that SoHum is not like the Wild West, it is the Wild West, replete with vigilantes, homesteaders, dirty cops including Sheriff goodoldboy Mike, and people riding horses.

    I agree it is a travesty that the County apparently chose to screw the homeless by screwing over one group of vets in favor of the more conservative vets.

    • Thanks, Lizardly. “Live like a peasant, eat like a king,” sounds like words to live by. I agree, this is the wild west, and yes, it is nice to have plenty of weed without paying prohibition prices for it. I appreciate the back-to-the-landers, especially the hold-outs, who haven’t “gone big” or “sold out.” There’s still a few of them around. The more I write, the more really cool people come out of the woodwork to tell me they appreciate it, or to remind me of how I got it wrong. Either way, this blog has helped me find the kind of people I want to associate with here in SoHum. Thanks for being one of them.

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