6 comments on “I Give Thanks

  1. 10 hypodermic needles picked up in places where children play just this week. Town Patrol does serve a purpose. I appreciate all the long hours you spend patrolling with them to make sure that every interaction is respectful and non threatening. Wait, that’s me. For a second there, I thought it was me making accusations about something I’ve never witnessed.

    • Sounds like you are having an identity crisis. Let me know if you ever get that straightened out. I know we don’t have adequate mental health care around here, but good luck anyway.

      Personally, I think that having kids is a bigger crime than becoming a drug addict, and it’s a bigger crime still to blame poor drug addicts for the terrible condition of this community.

      If you live in a drug ghetto, your kids are going to see drug addicts. If you want to clean-up this drug ghetto, focus on putting the dealers, the rich dope yuppies who live on the hills, out of business, because all of the money that comes into this town comes from drug users. If you want their money, then get used to their customers, because dope yuppies don’t have any money to spend without drug users.

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