14 comments on “Humboldt Pot, a Petroleum Product

  1. The problem will solve itself in few years after legalization. The big grows and the people who are driven by money will move to the Central Valley or other places in Cali where there’s flat land, plenty of water, and plenty of ag labor. Peace will return to the hills, and the pace of life will come to resemble the more organic times back in the 70’s and 80’s.

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  8. Yup again on legalizing that many more dopeheads who manifest negativity…..

    Dogs: and the barking, contact animal control right before Harvest……and, if all else, pull out the battery powered PA mega speaker, and wake up the whole neighborhood to a rant of, “yo assholes, shut your goddamned motherfucking dogs up”……

    It’s like a symphony when one phucktard neighbor dog barks to the tunes of other phucktard neighbor dogs that ring harrassingly for miles……..

    you see these are the simple things in life that government turns a blind eye to like how hard is it to freaking make sure people aren’t doing things that freaking destroy the livelihood of a simple freaking person who just wants to live the basics in life that which include the ability to sleep and not have to take pharmaceutical medicines and Other Drugs just to get sleep because phucktard government doesn’t do its phucktarded job because phucktarded people are in control……

    As a supervisor of the 5th District, HOJ would have brought the house down on all the various types and forms of disrespect that certain douche Wads in the community commit…… and yes Animal Control would have been a very busy part of the Sheriff’s Department……. as well as more citations by code enforcement for much of the land uses that go on in Humboldt County which are illegal….. and certainly any of these groups pushing anything that is not in the best interest of all of society would have been analyzed and critiqued in the most Henchman of Justice ways for which Super Media would cover and never leave Humboldt County until HOJ was done leading…….it would be way better than Trump…….

    And John Harden should run again for supervisor…..

    And a prop to whoever the moniker really is that came up with the new last maamname nickname for Estelle……Estelle Fentanyl….really is funny and befitting since she is a star heroin in a doped up county with an extreme politically funded fentanyl problem……..

    Now a story on how heroin and pot comingle……ya know there is one lurking to be written by a master writer such as JH!

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