7 comments on “Class, or Class War

  1. Obviously I agree 100 per cent. The problem is, how do we organize ourselves? I’m too old to go through what i did in the 70s, go to jail, get beat up, etc. One of the things that attracted me to this area 33 years ago was that it seemed to have a good radical element that was getting things done—an alternative health care center, alternative energy awareness, a credit union, hip ownership of some businesses etc. Over time, marijuana became money, cocaine did its thing, and people began to lose their teeth and scruples. The little neighborhood I live in has changed from being a very peaceful and quiet spot on the river to a place where the sound of diesel engines and bulldozers and chainsaws drown out the birds and other wildlife and my newest neighbor, who apparently owns at least six vehicles, told me I shouldn’t have just walked up to his door without phoning first when I went over to bitch about someone driving an ATV on the river bar. I’m so fucking sick of the “cannibis” crap that I don’t hardly enjoy getting high anymore. It was better when we were all on food stamps.

    • I hear you Jerry, even over the bulldozers, generators and ATVs. The same shit is happening in my neighborhood too. I saw a poster in the Post Office this morning hung by someone who is sick and tired of hearing generators in their neighborhood. The poster encouraged people to call the CA Air Quality Control Board. Will narcing out your neighbor solve the problem? I don’t know, but obviously people are getting sick of the green rush. Scumbag drug dealers have always been the worst thing about marijuana, and the bags just keep getting scummier, and they keep moving here.

      For the question: How do we organize ourselves? I suggest we think in terms of “special forces” as opposed to “regular army.” In other words, small groups, operating secretly, and answering only to each other can do more than large public groups that anyone can join, and that must accept everyone.

      • Right. I favor the ad hoc thing because every organization I’ve ever joined or seen has been subject to immediate, paralyzing infiltration by the bad guys. Thanks again.

  2. Not a problem. Soon we’ll all be in the same frikkin boat, with no bees, no birds, no polar bears…kinda like a reverse Noah’s ark, only this boat is going down. The rich can climb up to the crow’s nest but it won’t save them or us or anyone. People talk about the tippng point, but I believe that we are way past that point. Eat, drink and play the bazoo, for tomorrow we are toast.

  3. Good one. Of course, as usual, you speak of me: “middle class” and now I have to go shoot myself, again. But your right, I deserve it. At least Im not a “dope yuppie” and make an honest living in the timber industry. Oh wait, thats probably just as bad in your eyes, so fuck me again! Anyways, Love you John~

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