2 comments on “Marketing Premium Cannabis

  1. Thanks for laying it on Snoop Dogg. I found to my amazement that some people actually sort of idolize that creep. As I’ve said before, I’d like it if all the entrepreneurs or whatever the fuck they are just went out of business, but that’s not going to happen. I still smoke “lower grade” weed compared to most folks and I don’t care ; it is good enough. I’d like to see all seekers of political office smoke weed before any speeches or ” debates”. It would make for a much better TV show than the one they are running now.

    • That’s a great idea Jerry! Have the candidates get high before the debate. It’s damn hard to lie when you are stoned, but righteous indignation always comes through loud and clear. I feel sorry for the kids who think Snoop Dog is cool. What a deprived world they must live in. And yes, as long as you have weed that’s good enough to punch your ticket, you’re golden, but it helps if you know what to do with yourself once you get high.

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