3 comments on “What the Gyppo Ale Mill Controversy Says About SoHum

  1. I was told just today about this entry that I somehow missed; glad to see you covered it! Did you see the disparate ways the 2 weeklies covered that meeting??

    The board members of the RCSD were brave to stand up to the crybaby dope yuppies. I have nothing but admiration for their dedication and for looking out for their ratepayers…and for being *realistic* about ‘development’.

    Too bad the GSD is so misguided. I actually heard with my own ears Jim Stewart say “there’s PLENTY of water in the river…” and go on to describe how running out of water (for new development) would NEVER HAPPEN.

    Capitalism is another word for cancer.

    • Thanks Katya, You are so right about capitalism and cancer. It’s the same disease. I’m glad the RCSD had the balls to stand up to the pressure too. At least they stopped that cancer from spreading..

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