10 comments on “Humboldt County’s Nuclear Caviar

  1. What always gets me is the sad observation that it seems as if our resources are all going to things that alter our consciousness.



    • Yeah, Civilization makes us crave oblivion. It’s the path of maximum harm, and maximum effort. No one like working hard to destroy creation, so we’re all looking for a way out, when we should look for ways to obliterate civilization instead of ourselves.

  2. No matter how many boatloads of swill Budweiser sells, there are people who want Chimay or Sam Adams or Red Tail. There will still be a niche for organic sun grown gourmet ganja.

    I think the state should severely limit the size of commercial grows and leave the artisan growers alone. Screw the giant growers anyway, they are mostly just gangsters and thugs with protection from the corrupt Sheriff.

    The human craving for alteration of consciousness probably predates what you refer to as civilization. When Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western civilization, he said it would be a good idea.

    • We’ll only know how much people really want gourmet weed, when they have a real choice. Only when we have a reasonably priced alternative will we know how much extra people will spend for something better. That said, I’m not at all impressed by the quality of most Humboldt County weed. I don’t like weed that smells like diesel fuel. Do you? It smells industrial because it is industrial. I sincerely doubt that big corporations would produce worse weed than we are used to. The desire to alter consciousness definitely precedes civilization. Civilization was the biggest mistake in the history of humanity, and Gandhi wrong.

  3. And by the way, it may be easy to grow crappy weed but organic gourmet bud takes some serious effort and attention to details that many growers are unaware of. Hardly anyone up here knows how to properly cure it, for example. Cured properly it’s good for at least 3 years, cured badly, it crumbles in less than a year.

    And I agree we are blessed with an awesome environment up here, and we need to preserve it from the greedy growers and developers,

    Indoor pot should probably be banned as a carbon emitting nightmare. Sun grown pot actually takes carbon out of the atmosphere. Yes indoor pot technically takes up CO2, but it generates more than it uses when you factor in the carbon emitted generating the electricity. I am aware of only one indoor grow room in the entire country that is solar powered. Around here, the diesel cowboys mostly use diesel generators, not only releasing CO2 but other pollutants, and prone to fuel spills.

    • That’s the problem with the black market. We get mediocre quality at outrageous prices, and we have no idea how much damage was done to grow it. We don’t have nearly as many artisan growers here as we have criminal black-market growers.

  4. Mucho turmoil in future arising. Pot cultivation moves to flat, tractor-
    able land with water. Pot-support businesses dry up and fly to where they’re needed. Pot-growing and pot-support population has to leave to find a job, or stay and try to survive on their Social Security. Foreclosures. Tax base altered. Services eroded, roads left to go back to gravel and dirt.Boutique grocery stores fold, Dollar General becomes mainstay. not a happy picture, but it may have some niceness. more water in river? like yu say, John, the natural habitat is key, and the only real thing that has staying power, if it can be defended.

  5. And actually Humboldt is not the prime climate for growing pot. After legalization, it will be discovered that areas to the east and south of Humboldt are better because of less danger of rain in the fall. Those areas will be preferred by the large growers because the crop will be more reliable and consistent. Areas of the southern Sierra foothills that have flat land and water, will become the prime areas, because they have the combination of a completely dry fall until late October, plus warm days and cool nights, and low humidity, to ripen the bud to perfection with little or no mold.

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