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  1. Thanks for another interesting rant. Your rants always make me think. At least there’s that. Maybe make the next one more than an easy pot shot. (Oops, didn’t notice the pun until after…) You have a brilliant analytical mind, I’d love to read your thoughts on getting from here to there. Truly.

  2. Wow! Something tells me you have never worked a shit job in another part of the country where you make 6-8 bucks an hour! Despite all of our problems, a great thing about this economy is that there is still opportunity and upward mobility for the hardworking, even for the (exploited) sharecropper! Wait but doing something to improve you life might make you a yuppie!

    • Wow, something tells me you are wrong. Working a shit job isn’t so bad when everyone does it, and rent prices reflect that. When I worked as a waiter in Akron Oh, for $2.11 per hour plus tips, I could afford to make my mortgage payment, go out to eat once or twice a week, and had enough left over to buy a quarter ounce of weed, and I only worked 25 hours a week. Growing dope for profit doesn’t improve your life. It’s a gamble for a grubsteak. It makes you a drug war profiteer and that’s nothing to be proud of If you want to improve your life, do something creative like making art, composing original music, or writing provocative essays, like I do. There’s not much chance I’ll become a yuppie doing that. Besides, middle-class yuppies are destroying the planet, only a cad or a fool would aspire to live that destructive wasteful lifestyle.

  3. I am reminded of two things: the way that forest rapers used their underpaid workers both as the front line against environmental activists and as an example to the populace of how the economy was going to be destroyed once they ran out of trees to cut, and of how the underground economy created by prohibition of alcohol fought to keep prohibition alive. It has become tiresome, but it won’t go away for a while. Free the weed!

    • I hear you Jerry. It is tiresome. At the height of the drug war, I thought growers were heroes. They got the weed out from behind enemy lines. It was dangerous. It was risky. You could go to jail for a long time if you got caught. But we, as cannabis consumers, stood up and demanded change. Now that we have almost won this war, the growers show their true colors. They’re as bad as the cops. All they care about is their paycheck. It’s really disappointing. This was never supposed to be a career. Whatever happened to “one good year, get your grubstreak and move on.” The whole phenomena was completely manufactured, and it cost too damn much money to maintain. We’re not going to take it any more, and they’re not going to take our money anymore. Fuck the greed! Free the weed!

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  5. This is such a great post!!! I read this on LoCO, and I don’t know how it got there but I’m really glad it did. It’s the unvarnished truth about this lost land that so very many people just do not want to see or admit to. I worked and saved for years to be able to come here and live in the forest on a little plot of land. In the 6 years I’ve been here my heart has been broken over and over with each story of violence and death and poison and torture and greed. I finally made the hard decision to give up on my dream; I’m moving out of the county this summer, still stunned by the area’s sheer savagery. Thank you for telling the truth.

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  7. I’m just curious, you’ve got a picture of a grow site with unpermitted grading and I was wondering where that site is located and when the picture was taken?

    • 24 hrs+ and still under moderation huh. Don’t bother posting it, I think I’ve already got an answer to my question about the source for the picture of the Grow with the unpermitted grading and ponds.

      • Thanks, I was asking on LOCO where the picture came from and nobody would give me a straight answer, just a lot of abuse for asking. FWIW, I think it’s kind of dishonest to use that as an example of what the average grower is doing, especially seeing as you don’t even know the source of the picture which looks like a photoshop job to me. Assuming it’s real those are indeed the types of growers the Cops should be going after, but there are Thousands of growers and from what I’ve heard and seen a lot of the claims of Environmental Destruction are nothing more than Drug Wars Propaganda by the Cops who want to continue the “War on Drugs” because it’s profitable to them and they’d rather do that than go after real Criminals like the Murderer they didn’t have the manpower to deal with before he committed another Murder because they were too busy chopping down Pot Plants on the Indian Reservation.
        The fact that people are switching over to storing water in the winter for use in the summer wasn’t even mentioned in your article, in fact it sounds like you think anyone who came here after you is immediately classified as a “Greedy Grower.” Anyway thanks for the response, at least now I know the source of the picture, you don’t know where it came from and don’t know how old it is either.

      • Most of the greedy growers got here before me. I could easily find dozens of shots like that one just by looking at google earth. Those grows are all over SoHum. You don’t know what an “average grow” looks like either. Drug dealers are sneaky, and they lie. You can’t believe anything they say. Storing water only helps so much, and the real issue is that cannabis is an easy to grow weed. No one should have to pay for it at all, and the people who make a living from it it are taking advantage of bad laws and an oppressive government policy. That makes them traitors. The growers are as bad as the cops. They’re all greedy bloodsuckers taking advantage of their fellow humans rather than standing with them.

      • So basically you’re saying that anyone who farms for a living is a Greedy Grower, or does that only apply to people who grow Pot? Do you expect Grape Growers to give away their crops too? Grape Vineyards use 1000’s as much water, or more than Pot Farmers do and cause 1000’s as much Environmental damage doing it. I used to live in rural SoCal, in the middle of the Orange Groves, we called it the “Sterile Forest.” Do you expect them to give away their crops too? One single Orange Farmer uses more water, uses more Chemicals and causes more Environmental Damage than all the Growers in Humboldt County combined and they got the Gov’t to put in Dams to supply them with cheap Gov’t subsided water and ruined entire river ecosystems to do it. The way I see it growing Pot up here, if done properly, could be a benefit to the local economy because if you’re growing pot you aren’t cutting down Trees. In fact the two could very well be compatible because when it comes down to it, pot by itself is a pretty low impact plant to be growing.

      • God hates farmers. Farming is the original sin. Converting habitat to farmland is the single biggest environmental problem in the world. Cannabis doesn’t need any help. Let your plants go to seed. Spread the seed, and let cannabis take care of itself. If you want to farm cannabis, do it on land that has already been converted to farmland, and learn to do it economically, because we are sick of paying black-market drug dealer prices. Oranges sell for $2-$3 dollars a pound for for fresh, organic fruit. Fresh table grapes sell for $3-$6 a pound. Pot farmers are greedy because they expect obscene taxpayer subsidies, and they don’t care that working people pay for those subsidies, and pay the inflated black market prices. Yes,, drug dealers are greedy scum who belong in prison, not because they grow weed, but because they take advantage of poor and working people. They are not farmers; they are social parasites, and it’s about time they weaned themselves from the teat of prohibition.

  8. Yeah, that’s what I want, weed that’s been grown in the Valley where it’s so Smoggy and Dusty in the Summer you can’t even see across the street, instead of up here where the air and water is clean not to mention growing it in an area where your neighbor is spraying his crop with pesticides when he has a cropduster flying over. Anyway it’s easy for you to say grow your own, I live in an apartment and don’t really have a place to grow anything let alone pot plants, I guess it suks to be me.

    “Oranges sell for $2-$3 dollars a pound for for fresh, organic fruit”

    LOL, if they’re small that’s maybe 2 oranges.
    I bookmarked your page, it was an interesting discussion.
    Thanks for responding.

    • It’s awfully dusty here too this time of year, and who knows what kind of pesticides they use. I’ve lived in enough apartments to know that it’s tough to grow your own when you don’t own your own place in the country. That’s why we need real organic farmers to grow good weed at a reasonable price. Everyone deserves good weed and they shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for it. I just spent the morning picking wild blackberries. Wish I could pick wild cannabis too. I live in a place that has no sun and no water. That’s why I can afford to live there, because no one else can make money growing weed there. What we have here that is rare and special, and becoming more rare every day, is habitat for wildlife. That will bring more tourists, and it’s value will only rise. Weed, on the other hand, will only get more common and easier to come by as prohibition winds down. It would be a real tragedy to sacrifice the habitat for just a few years of weed profit, before the market crashes completely. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I hope you’ll check back from time to time. Sometimes I’m good for a laugh.

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