6 comments on “Your Tax Dollars at Work: John Christianson’s Biofeedback Spa

  1. A good one John. This should get you some action from the city movers and shakers . And it shows you have spent time in a library actually reading. your grasp of the English language is exemplary. Good luck with this.

    • Thanks Mom, I’ve been agonizing over this post fro a while. Amy and I both like John, but we really need wifi, and we’re sick of doing without so he can have a place to do biofeedback.

  2. I have had some interactions with Mr. Christianson and he seems like a nice person. My first take was that, perhaps, he is an old school guy like myself who regrets the demise of books, which of course was what libraries were supposed to be about. However, what lending libraries were really all about was dissemination of collected knowledge and ideas in whatever form to us, the huddled masses with no other real access. In that spirit we must, despite our lamentations that nobody reads anymore, welcome and promote WiFi for the people who can’t afford overpriced coffee or cupcakes and the public library is the logical place for that just as it was for cassette tapes and other recordings of movies, music, and what not. I’d love to see the same sort of availability for tools and other things as well but we’d better keep our revolutionary goals to a minimum in these Reaganite times I guess. Thanks.

    • I like John too. I enjoy his jokes, but I don’t think we should subsidize them. Screw the overpriced coffee and cupcakes, public wifi gives people an option to overpriced internet service. We don’t deserve free wifi because we’re poor, we deserve free wifi because we pay for a library, and free wifi is what makes a library worth paying for. A tool library sounds like a great idea BTW.

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