2 comments on “Who Buys All of This Weed?

  1. Clueless reporting, Comparing weed to underage prostitution took all seriousness out of article. So what your saying is weed should be cheaper so kids can drop out and not work? Or are you saying kids drop out because of weed so if it was cheaper more kids can drop out? Or are you saying if it legal weed will be cheaper? Which if you are is so far from true. Does weed look cheaper in colorado. Do you even no what weed is or anything about it. Does not really sound like it from trying to navigate your post. Considering weed was 4500 lb 6 years ago and 2000 a lb in todays market price has dropped quite a bit. Electricity is going up everyday so if you think legalization will bring down prices is a farce. But it sounds like me you want big business the top 1% to make the money off weed and take it out of the small guys pocket. Can all americans grow and sell tabacco? If legalized then licenses will be like growing tobabcco.only the top 1% will be able to grow and sell and prices will stay high. nothing run by governemnt is cheaper. look at healthcare i kow my out of pocket co pay went from 5,000 to 10,000 after obamacare kicked in and i actaully have less coverage and way longer wait time getting into see doctor in line behind all the free ride people. I still buy my quarter sacks for the same price as i did in high school before i graduated.27 year ago

    • If you are still growing weed under lights, you deserve to go out of business, you fossil fool. The price of cannabis is still propped up by prohibition, even in Colorado, and the price will continue to fall as more states legalize. I’m saying that poor people deserve good cheap cannabis, and that they shouldn’t have to subsidize greedy dope yuppies who have gotten used to massive taxpayer subsidies. It’s time to end the War on Drugs, and for Drug War profiteers to find something productive to do with their lives. Free the Weed!

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