8 comments on “Oh, So You’re a “Farmer” Now.

  1. Very few “real farmers” at all anymore. Most are now “Agricultural Businessmen” due to the sheer size of how they must be in the modern world, it seems.
    Plus, the real farmers would, if they could, and sometimes do, truck in soil to use. I know the farmers of potted, and transplant-able, plants do. So goes the same for “state fair prize winning crops.”
    I fully support keeping cannabis out of the “big farm” category. Keeping the farms 99 plants small shall keep the quality up, keep some of those small farms from disappearing altogether, and keep this plant, which is a weed, from overtaking local habitats due to “feral” plants.
    Unless you WANT everything to resemble Mexican schwag that is…..

    • This kind of dishonesty is exactly what we should expect from drug dealers. 99 plants is ridiculously small for a commercial venture. No one should be able to make a living from 99 plants. Dope growers have been so heavily subsidized for so long that they have no idea how to compete in the free market. I’m so sick of hearing drug dealers trying to justify their continued existence in a legal environment. We’ve all paid too much for the damage that drug dealers have done to our forests and our society, and we’ve paid way too much for the pot they produce for way too long. It’s time to end those subsidies. I think we’d all rather deal with an abundance of feral cannabis than put up with any more bullshit from greedy dope yuppies who think we owe them a living.
      I want to see as many brands of cannabis in my grocery store as I see brands of beer, and cannabis is a hell of a lot easier to make than beer, so it should cost less too.

  2. local farmer market type vegetables will be the only thing I grow, people stole gas when it was 15 cents a gallon, why risk your life , work, your family when u will have the cops feds ripoffs politicians making sure u don’t make it, they sure as hell don’t grow it! , it seems funny they always raid big places when the weed is ready to be harvested, wonder why? duh!
    I am just a voter, ,farmer more like slave to this so called democracy where we are brainwashed to see and vote according to their venue!

    • Oh yeah, they raided a place last night, just as the light-dep crop was ripening. Cops and drug dealers were cut from the same cloth, and neither has what it takes to make it as an honest farmer. It’s time we got them both out of the cannabis industry.

  3. Im not sure if I agree with “no one should make a living on 99”. That logic sounds exclusive to me. What, you should only be able to make barley any money while farming, just enough to pay your massive loan off to big banks, while some other third party enterprise make most of the profits as a middle man? Real farmers fire locals and hire migrant workers to tend the crops for 1/4 pay. Real farmers dominate markets and put family farms out of business. Real farms are soyent green. And pick a drug, any drug. It will be dealt out to users by someone. Who should it be? While I get your annoyance with so-called dope yuppies, as a Eureka resident I believe there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to “Drug Dealers” and communities being destroyed. Just because pot grower kids have made money on the black market – that doesn’t equate to cannabis destroying communities, not like speed and heroin, nor like true narco wars that are raging on the border.

    • I appreciate your comments bolithio. Everyone else competes in that market, why shouldn’t cannabis growers? All of that black market money comes from poor people working shitty jobs. Cannabis users do without basic necessities so they can afford cannabis, because cannabis makes their lives tolerable. People need cannabis, and without prohibition, there would be plenty of cannabis for everyone. No one would have to pay much for it and no one would have to do without necessities to afford it. Ending prohibition won’t solve all of the world’s problems, but making cannabis cheap and easily available to anyone who needs it would improve a lot of people’s lives, and only hurt the people who take injustice for granted, and use it to take advantage of their fellow human beings. Fuck them! They’re traitors.

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