4 comments on “A Species in Adolescence

  1. I think destructive cultures are the rule. It too is part of who we are as a species. This has to, and will change as we collectively understand ourselves to be in charge of our you-break-it-you’re-s.o.l. spherical spaceship.

  2. The same sort of thinkers refer to someone who has up to date, progressive political views as “evolved” when evolution just means adaptive change, not necessarily improvement or a good thing. I like the scientific method; I just don’t see it used much.

  3. Since we are talking about beliefs, Ill play the devil. Your point makes sense, and yes we do have cultural problems. However, it is true that we (humans) are a young species. Modern Humans evolved 200,000 years ago. The oldest primate; 65 million years ago. The oldest conifer tree we know of is at least 300 million years old. When you consider the the time scales of species evolution on this planet, we are more like toddlers.

    The cultural ‘problems’ you point out are sad, at least to me, a human with a conciseness that recognizes – at least in a day dream – that life *could be better*. I hope my lifestyle in this poster-nightmare you editorialize about on your blog will improve things for further generations. Still, we cant escape the fact that all of the good, bad and ugly on humankind is the direct result of evolution. Its the Earths fault we are the way we are.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment Bolitio. I hear you. Compared to redwood trees, human beings are a young species, but not an immature species. Genetically, an American cop is the same species as an Yannomammi tribesman, but they live very different lifestyles. The Earth made them both, but the tribesmen happily lives in the natural world, and treats other creatures like family and as equals, while the cop defends the rights of human beings to exploit and destroy the rest of nature, because he, like most civilized people, believe that humans are superior to the rest of nature, and that it is our destiny to control and subdue it. Yes, we should remember that the Earth made us, and that should remind us that the Earth is smarter than we are. When we forget that fact, we do so at our own peril.

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