4 comments on “Humboldt “Farmers” Go to Sacramento

  1. Well done. Though it was inevitable, the evolution of this thing has left me tired of hearing, reading, and thinking about it. If we can’t have outright legalization, which all the entrenched stakeholders will violently oppose, I’d rather have us back in the days of pre-215 and CAMP when the lines were more clearly drawn and hypocrisy was not so much in my face. Thanks.

    • I hear you Jerry, I’m tired of it too, but I remember that back then, we used to say, “Free the Weed, plant it everywhere.” Legalization seemed like a pipe dream, but pot seeds were plentiful then, and every hippie had a shoebox full of them. If you rolled a joint outside, you would always leave a few on the ground, and they sprouted and grew where we left them.

      In Nov. of 1981, I found a fully mature female cannabis plant growing in an expansion groove in a sidewalk in Downtown Akron, OH. It was about three inches long, and stood less than one inch above the pavement. Thousands of people must have trampled on it over the course of the preceding summer The whole bud amounted to about one bong-load. That little plant inspires me to this day. Remember the bible verse, “If ye have but the faith of a mustard seed…?” I try to have the faith of that particular cannabis seed. If that one seed could survive a whole season on a busy sidewalk in Akron Ohio, think of what thousands of seeds, or millions of seeds could do. Sinsemilla is for suckers!

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you for what you have been writing. The ccv is not my voice. Nor are they the voice of many I speak with. Thank you for being a voice for those who have been silenced by the ccvh.

    • Thank you Penelope. Glad you enjoy my writing. CCVH speaks only for a very few, but they speak loudly because they have so much money, and they ignore the rest of us, because they just don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. In other words, they’re typical greedheads, like Dick Cheney, or the Koch Brothers, who don’t care how much harm they cause in the world, so long as they make money from it. What do you expect from drug dealers?

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