12 comments on “Garberville’s Visionary Artist Ron Machado

  1. First of all it turned out he got pepper sprayed and not burned. Second of all he hoards garbage and trespasses. There is nothing artistic about what this guy does. Whereas I agree Garberville has its issues, I don’t think it’s fair that the author badmouths Garberville to the extent that he does.

    Tell you what, if you like Machado so much, could you PLEASE come down and pack all his crap up and take him up to Eureka?

    • Someone in Garberville attacked Ron and hurt him. He didn’t “get peppersprayed,” someone attacked Ron and sprayed pepper-spray in his face. That is a serious crime.

      Art is in the eye of the beholder. I think Ron’s art is beautiful. I think that what he does is beautiful, and the beauty of Ron’s work lies in how it contrasts with the stifling oppressive ugliness of Downtown Garberville. It always delights me to see his latest work, and I find the fact that he continues to create art in the face of so much open hostility inspiring.

      I think that Ron has every right to claim and use objects discarded by others, and has the right to show his work in public. If Garberville landowners expect Ron, or me for that matter, to respect their property rights, those landowners damn well better respect Ron’s, as well as my, right to life, liberty, and self-expression. Now, if you want to change my opinion of Garberville, you can start by learning to treat poor people like human beings.

  2. I have nothing against Ron. He seems like a peaceful soul and I wish him no harm. I’ve also seen him and his “art” a number of times, and you calling it art doesn’t make it so. And you’ll notice, Eureka has what are called “art galleries” where art lovers have a choice to enter a particular gallery and view the art… or not. I would believe the art story if he took responsibility to dismantle the art (or junk) after displaying it, but he doesn’t. I also second the previous posters request that you bring Ron and his art up to Eureka, or even better to your home, where you can personally bath in Ron’s creative juices. You’ve certainly talked the talked — it’s time to walk the walk.

  3. Please, do not consider yourself a journalist. Your narrow sighted view of our vast community is appalling and Ron should feel embarrassed to be associated with this piece. Shame on you.

  4. The emotions your words brought concerning Ron Machado, his prolific art was strong felt. Created with common castaway objects and artistic genius, his masterpieces wasted on an ungrateful community. New to the area, working downtown, I see daily the elements of the local businesses waste receptacles strung together, tied with plastic newspaper bindings, a broken wire cart wrapped in-between, sitting in the middle of mainstreet. Business owners spotting their property, have to undo the wrapped up items so they can conduct business. The way you give review of the people of the town, and defend the workings of this vandal is using the power of words in an evil way. What a waste of a gift you are producing and polluting, such trash talking…

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