4 comments on “Daddy, Where Did Alcoholism Come From?

  1. Very cool article. I’ve never thought about how completely entwined mankind is with alcohol. I’ve known 5 people who’ve drank themselves to the grave knowing exactly what they were doing. I’m lucky not to have an addictive personality. Very eye opening.

    Have you ever done an article on the ineffectiveness of prohibitions and cultural diversity i.e. addiction rates in the US compared the say Holland where marijuana is legal and most drugs are easily accessible and how prohibitions just make stuff more enticing.

    Always / Mostly…Love your stuff !!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Frank, I think it is important to remember that mankind had a long history before alcohol, and hopefully has a future beyond it, but civilization, on the other hand, is hopelessly entangled in addiction.

      I’ve written a bit about marijuana prohibition, but it has been a while. I guess it might be time for more. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I enjoy suds myself and am not the only alcoholic in the family, so I’m prejudiced, but I was led to believe that in days of yore beer was consumed at least in part because of a lack of trust in the water. Or did I just get that from W.C. Fields?

    • I think that is more of a chicken and egg kind of question. Alcoholism led to overpopulation, Which led to fouled water, Which made beer safer to drink than water. Kind of like the way people feel that bottled water is less likely to contain pollution than tap water even though making plastic bottles pollutes water. I enjoy a beer myself now and agaIn. After all, it’s our cultural heritage, but I’ve been trying to lose some weIght, and eliminating the beer has helped a lot.

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