6 comments on “That’s Not What Cannabis Says To Me

  1. Once again you have nailed it. Does anyone study history anymore? One fucking boom and bust after another in this country and especially this county. The hypocritical 215 bullshit has changed things but not for the better. We need free weed and I don’t mean no cost at all but free from the grasp of people who can afford expensive legal assistance and public relations support the likes of which ad money buys. Thanks for your articulation of what has been bugging me for years. Meth to the fascist pig that preys upon the life of the people!

  2. Wait, you dont want regulation for pot growing?

    I dont get it. If you turn back the clock on logging, it would just be better because of what we know now? Turn back the time and we could have all kinds of shit. Buffalo, passenger pigeons, etc.. Greed is not exclusive to any people, culture or class. Thats the point, you cant turn back, only look back. So knowing what we know now, pot needs some serious supervision. While I cant speak to the politics of pot, or who is and who isnt a yuppy, I do think regulation of pot growing, is a good idea.

    PS, the timber industry didn’t collapse. It changed. For the better. Weed in Humboldt can do the same right? I hope so.

    • I’m afraid greed is exclusive to this culture. This culture of greed has become almost ubiquitous around the world, but there are tens of thousands of human cultures in which greed is strictly taboo, and considered a sign of a bad person, or at least a terribly immature person, and greed is strictly not tolerated. Unfortunately, this culture of greed has made the extermination of those other cultures a top priority.

      Cannabis and humans coexisted for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years without supervision or regulation, and I don’t think it needs any now. Greed needs to be recognized as terribly destructive, and greedy people should be shunned, not regulated.

      We need to recognize that this culture worships greed, and that a culture that worships greed can only result in devastation. Regulated greed does not work. That’s why our culture, as well as the global biosphere is in a state of collapse.

      • Ok, I hear what your saying, and agree – except the part about humans and weed coexisting for ‘hundreds of thousands of years’ =) Ill give it 80K tops for the evolution of modern humans…

        Anyways, we both agree that greed exists, and its beyond a human emotion (envy, desire, etc..) at this point – its a full blown cultural institution. The cult of money. While we may strive to not participate in it, and reject the principles of greed – culture does not suddenly change. It has never worked that way. So while the goal is to make greed obsolete, I believe rules, ethics, whatever you want to call it, need to be imbued within the culture along the way to get us there.

        It may just be a bandiad today, on our state of collapse, but it could be the seeds of a new tree of life in the future. Right now, we need people to stop pushing dirt in creeks, inputting chemicals, and taking too much water in the summer. I dont see any way of stoping that in the near term without some form of regulation.

      • A collapse in the price of weed, down to $300 a pound or lower would cut the balls off of the black market cannabis industry, and do much more to stop the environmental devastation associated with it than any amount of expensive bureaucracy. Control and regulation is what we have now. We call it “prohibition”. It has failed. Attempting to control and regulate weed caused the whole problem to begin with, and led to all of the police abuse, arrests, incarcerations, environmental devastation, violent crime and wasted tax dollars. After all, people aren’t clearing the forest to grow broccoli, and we don’t have to regulate that.

        As for the timeline of human evolution, if you met a neanderthal, or a cro-magnon, I’m quite sure you would recognize them as human, and I’ll bet they got high.

        this culture is finished. Don’t bother trying to reform it. The faster we abandon it, demolish it, and stop indoctrinating our children into it, the better.

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