4 comments on “Rat Poison for Christmas

  1. It is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that money has become more important than even life itself to so many of us and totally the opposite of what motivated hippies to grow weed in the first place: mainly, the Nixon administration’s spraying of poison on Mexico’s weed crop way back when. And the really shitty thing is that no campaign to educate people about it will have any effect on the ignorant savages using it because they just don’t care.

    • So true Jerry. It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t matter who it kills, so long as it makes money, and if it makes money, we treat it as though it is a sacred act.

  2. We still need to continue spreading the word and make people aware because many of us don’t realize the harm until someone tells you or until someone’s pet or wildlife is found dead. Once it becomes more personal, people are willing to try alternative solutions. Don’t try & change the world, start with a few neighbors or some community group. Instead of being a cynic & focusing on the negative, get out there and when you see a business with bait boxes, go talk to the owner. Ask your local stores to stop carrying poison, put up signs in your community. You folks in rural areas actually know your neighbors!

    • Right on! Talk to neighbors, and talk to business owners. I still see so many of those bait boxes around town. We have to let people know that they kill wildlife.

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