6 comments on “A Report from the Global Climate Summit in Lima, Peru

  1. Well… as a former “Maggot” I’ve got to say you’ve left me with a lot to think about.

    Thank you. Despite appearances… I like thinking.

    Did you know that if you put maggots into an infected wound… they’ll clean out all the dead stuff leaving alone the healthy tissue? It’s what they did before penicillin.

    Maggots do have their uses… in a limited sort of way.

    • I’ve heard that about maggots. Thinking is a good thing, and imagination helps a lot too. A lot of good people do their best to make government work for the people, but from a little distance, the overall appearance remains the same. Where did you fit into the maggot pile?

  2. Health and Human Services… Welfare to be exact(Eligibility Worker II). And yes, up close the maggot farm does not look pretty.

    • I sympathize, not easy work. I’m sure it made a difference for the better in a lot of people’s lives. Of course, there were other branches of government insuring that you had plenty of work to keep you busy.

  3. Well said. The brainwashed masses tend to think that any gain for them is bestowed by kindly Big Daddy when their problems are politely conveyed. And they believe that regime change can bring real change when actually the system marches on no matter who the figurehead is.

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