16 comments on “The Ganjier’s Circular Reasoning

  1. Thanks for writing what has long been needed. Seems to me that around 1980 weed stopped being a thing to get high with and instead a thing to get rich with, which is a big contradiction. There are many people who don’t even use it but just grow it. Large bummer, and potentially as bad on the environment as forest raping was.

    • Too true Jerry. The cannabis industry is rapidly becoming environmental enemy number one in SoHum. Getting high beats getting rich any day of the week. I want to see cannabis growing wild and free. Seedy buds should be free for the taking, and bloodsucking dope yuppies should become an extinct species.

  2. “or dropping a refrigerator off of the Alder Point bridge”

    hahahaha I had the pleasure of witnessing this strange local custom driving back to the coast from Zenia one day…It was a washing machine though. These dudes just stuck out their chests and looked at me like “What?” LOL

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    • I guess when you’re as full of shit as I am, it only makes sense, but I didn’t see that ad when I looked at LOCO. Maybe the Depends ad was targeted for you specifically.

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