7 comments on “Lance Armstrong, Frank Zappa, Drugs and Society

  1. You make some good points, but I dont agree with the comparison. Frank was not a hypocrite. He didnt speak out against drugs while doing them. That is what Lance did. Frank also didnt have any way of rigging the ‘game’ to make money at music. He ONLY worked hard. Lance may have worked hard, but he also cheated. Im with you in that the drug narrative needs to be redefined. But in the case of the big race, it seems pretty unfair to give Lance a pass.

    Also, on Frank, I think the people doing psychedelics around him had a profound impact on his music. Sure he wrote and inspired people, but he also played with people, and that helped shape his overall music style. Even later cocaine being used around him inspired many many songs, mostly about how stupid people are on cocaine…

  2. The kind of drugs that made people think Vanilla Fudge or Iron Butterfly sounded good are not the same as the kind of drugs that made Lance Armstrong more able to endure hill climbs etc. Plus having survived cancer doesn’t mean you can’t still be a jerk. No amount of cocaine will help you play better music, although it may make you think you’re being terrific even though you’re only being Peter Frampton. Yes, I too was disappointed to learn Zappa was so clean, but the joke was on me.

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