4 comments on “God, Einstein, Kant, Darwin, and Me

  1. Dear John :
    I was really amazing that you would use my comments in your essay, I have to say that I am completely humbled that you thought I inspiring.
    I always look forward to reading your column, you have a gift of mixing serious subjects with wit and humor that comes naturally and isn’t forced that’s what makes it fun.
    I have recommended your site to the few friends that I know who would appreciate it and now when I see them that’s what we end up taking about.
    I think you’re one of the very lucky few who are exactly where you should be doing exactly what you do ” trying to make people think ” Good Luck With That !!
    Thank again, your Buddhist, Atheist, Christian,Spiritualist and that’s just this week admirer. Frank Orange

    • Thank you so much Frank! I’m humbled by your praise. That comment really touched me deeply when I first saw it, and this one made my day today. I feel like one of the lucky ones today, and I’m grateful to you for reading, and taking the time to write a comment. Thanks again Frank!

  2. I just listened to the show and found it wonderfully insightful. Thank you. There’s no better munchies than brain munchies. Except maybe cookies. It very much reminded me of a you Tube post I saw a few years back titled ‘Science Saved My Soul’ by philhellenes. Give it a gander if you’ve got nothing better to do for about15 minutes.

    • Thank you Daniel! I’m glad you enjoyed the show. Yeah, cookies are good too. I’m waiting for mine to come out of the oven right now. I’ll check out “Science Saved My Soul”, thanks for the tip!

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