9 comments on “Drugs and Razors Don’t Mix

  1. Im sure you also know that shaving hair is nothing new for human culture. What about huge holes in your ears? Or tattoo’s or brands? Or people who stretch their necks with rings to the point if they removed them they would die! Id counter back at you: Yes were hairy headed apes, but we also have complex culture that makes us do weird shit – get used to it!

    Anyways, Im still with you: shaving sucks, at least on my face.


  2. haha, good one john, those selfies will start rolling in, no doubt…
    and good editorial tonight amy; one of the stupidest things i’ve done was
    bringing some homeless feral cats out to the hills…
    hey i got my hair cut today! first time in a year, feel like a new man…

  3. I haven’t had a haircut in five years, but I do enjoy a good straight razor shave. The ritual of stropping, whipping the soap, and the hot towel, and it’s the closest shave you get is pretty cool. On the other hand, because it takes so long, I only do it once a week.

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