10 comments on “Boomer Karma

  1. Yes, we are indeed the most selfish generation in history. Not all of us, however, fit this description. The best of us died or went to prison

  2. As a Hippie child of the early 70 I bought into all their ” smile on your brother everybody get together***BULLSHIT” . I truly hate and am ashamed of my generation. They became traitors to their own cause. Their actually worse than the Archie Bunker generation before them, at least that generation believed in themselves “asses that they were”.
    Well written , Well said as usual. Always looking forward to your next column…Thanks Frank

  3. Wow, I appreciate your emotion in this. You describe my parents, although I dont think they got that fucked up or made any money. This generation that gave us the 1980s at least did one good thing (inadvertently); which was to inspire the punk rock movement which to this day remains my favorite music. Still, me and my wife will never have a shot at living in the woods – sort of the reason we came here – because of the phenomena you describe. I guess I wonder if it really matters that they were hippies… Humans seems incredibly susceptible to greedy tendencies, regardless of their backgrounds.

    • Thanks again Bolithio, The economic and social pressure of our culture is stronger than most people realize, and the sickness of our culture runs deeper than most people comprehend. It’s going to take more than music to change things.

      The drug war created irresistible opportunities for opportunistic people. Today, those opportunists simply feel entitled. I like exposing them as the traitors and parasites they are.

  4. Hey John. As a boomer and a sixties hippie in my sixties, I’m pretty disappointed in what my generation has failed to bring about. Then again, we hippies never aspired to the levers of power, government and business. It was (as usual ) the assholes of our generation that have ruled (you have assholes too). I will state with pride, however, that we helped bring forth from incredibly turbulent times, civil rights, ending of the Vietnam war (55,000 Am dead), Nixon’s abdication, environmental awareness, pot, LSD, exploration of exotic spirituality, Pierre La Toque, bell bottoms, Zap Comics, computers, the internet and a musical revolution that still reverberates today. So, invoking Kesey’s bus, i’m sincerely wishing you whippersnappers can carry on the ball a bit FURTHER!

    • Thanks, Lloyd, I appreciate the comments. Yes, there were some great artists among the Boomers, and they made some important changes to our culture. I’m not that young. i really do remember those days, and according to some calculations, I too am a Boomer, but you are right, the hippies just scratched the surface, dig?

  5. P.S. – I know hundreds of us geezers who are still cool. And I can still shred my Gibson Les Paul!

    • I hear you! Music is a great companion, and it connects us to everything good and noble about being human. My partner Amy and I will play at the Makers Street Fair in Old Town Eureka today, Sat. Aug 2. We’ll be performing on didgeridoo and Theremin from 3-4:30. I also play guitar and bass, maybe we should jam sometime.

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