6 comments on “Sexy Street Kids, Homeless Hotties Revitalize Downtown Garberville

  1. you got that pegged man, the glorious girls of g’ville…
    makes life worth living (even if i’m not getting laid…)

  2. you’re a funny, obsessed, sort of revolutionary kind of guy, not afraid to piss everyone off, my old job i guess…you have livened up the HuMendo page a bit– i sort of hope you spare the kid who attacked you with such bad grammar, you wouldn’t stoop to squash THAT low-hanging fruit would you? no, too easy, right?…
    (oh shit the mad scientist is at work this very moment?)
    i may initiate a summit conference with you and peppermint patty, i mean cinnamon paula, if things get too out of hand…
    so do you have any SOLUTIONS, candle man?

    • Glad you enjoyed these posts. I couldn’t resist mining this rich vein of irony. I don’t have time to read all of the comments at HuMen, but I’m glad it ruffled some feathers. I’d love to meet with CP, especially to get Arts Alive going in G,ville, but I don’t think there are any easy SOLUTIONS to cultural collapse.

  3. Hey John why don’t you take your out of whack opinions and didgeridoo. And shove them where the sun don’t shine. You have been to my house in Garberville and ate our food more than once. I hate how you constantly diss sohum as a whole! It leaves good folks feeling very disrespected! If you are going to impose your rude opinions as a journalist. Try to be a tad less judgemental. You are a hippie aren’t you? Why is it that you only spew negativity? Not all of us are growers and trust that our family has done much to preserve the local beauty through earth first and epic. You are offending many!

    • First, I never said I was a journalist. You’ve never heard me diss the wildlife, the weather or the working people of SoHum, just the dope yuppies, the merchants, the cops and the stupid people. The dope yuppies deserve it for taking advantage of prohibition. the cops and the merchants deserve it for the way they treat the poor and homeless, and stupid people deserve it for being so stupid. If any of those shoes fit, you are welcome to wear them. Thanks for dinner.

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