5 comments on “Area Drug Dealers Call for More Robust Police Presence in SoHum

  1. When i read your stuff John (and mine) it reminds me of this quote i saw in the AVA the other day:

    “A creative work of art is, by its very novelty, aggressive; spontaneously
    aggressive, it strikes out at the public, against the majority; it arouses indignation by its non-conformity, which is, in itself, a form of vindication.”
    —Eugene Ionesco

    GroHos Unite!

  2. Don’t forget what else Downey said, take care of your own problems, start a town lynch mob, kill the bums so we can invade your homes and find your pot! Two birds with one stone!

    • Cops create drug dealers, drug dealers create poverty. If we legalize pot, we can put the drug dealers and the cops out of business, and poverty will disappear. talk about killing two birds with one stone.

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