3 comments on “You Don’t Have to Call It God, but Don’t Pretend It Doesn’t Exist

  1. Frank Josef Orange
    May 28th, 2014 at 1:22 am | Edit

    This in regards to your essay You Don’t Have to Call It God: I’ve been a searcher all my life, read Relatively for the millions at around 11 but I was never able to do the math but I came to understand the principles.
    Looked for god in LSD ,weed ..got closer
    The strange thing is that recently I’ve been having some health problems, the kind you know will be the end ..ya just know, the odd part is that answers have been just showing up, I happened to watch a documentary DMT the spirit molecule And your essay, and all of it is coming into clarity.
    That all of us and everything ever,was and forever well be One.
    And it is simplicity and perfection and oneness and ..Self ?

    Although there is still the problem how this thing came into existence. Something can’t spontaneously exist from nothing.
    Could be we are just one of many beautiful shinning entities.
    Oddly I’ve come to not care.

    To conclude though, there were many things that lead me to the conclusions I’ve come to, but I have to say your essay just about puts the dot at the end…….

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