9 comments on “I Weigh-In on the Humboldt County DA Race

  1. Allan Dolllison: It was an error in judgment?
    Dollison explains his sordid legal history, including forgery, fraud, larceny, false and misleading statements to the State Bar, and abandonment of his law practice and clients without notice. Dollison asks that we look forward, not backward, in considering him for Humboldt District Attorney. Well, he is qualified in knowing a criminal when he sees one. Dollison committed two serious felonies as a lawyer.
    Claims his military career has prepared him to lead. Why does this matter? Leadership and experience take many forms. He only spent just less than 5 years of actual D.A. practice. Dollison was absent for 18 months on Army assignment. Military leadership is autocratic, and not founded on principles of mutual respect for a team such as the District Attorney’s Office. Enlisted personnel did not question the officer corps.
    So what are we to expect from Mr. Dollison? A man with a criminal background whose judgment and ethics remain a major issue in whether he is qualified to lead because he is respected by his peers in the prosecutorial profession? Or the autocratic do what I say military leadership model because I am in charge and you are a subordinate?
    Either way you look at whether Dollison is qualified, he has none of the character nor ethical leadership respect he will absolutely need to be an effective District Attorney.
    Humboldt County will not be more prosperous, nor a safe place to live and raise children with Dollison as D.A.

  2. Dollison finally comes clean on his character faults admitting some of the facts of his sanctioning by the California State Bar in 2000. When confronted by the evidence against him, he stipulated (admitted) to 16 counts of professional misconduct in four separated cases resulting in a one year suspension of his law license, with all but 60 days stayed, and placed on two years’ probation with terms including restitution payments to the clients. In the stipulations, Dollison admitted that he failed to perform legal services competently; failed to respond to his clients repeated telephone calls and inquiries; that he improperly abandoned or withdrew from representing his clients; failed to return client files (the files actually belong to the client); and his client’s unearned fees. He ignored repeated attempts by the State Bar Investigators to contact him, and once contacted, failed to cooperate with the bar’s investigation. Dollison actually lied to at least one of his clients when he falsely fabricated an official looking Notice of Ruling upon which he forged the signature of the attorney representing the plaintiff’s on the false and forged Notice of Ruling. Dollison gave the forged Notice of Ruling to the client in an attempt to close the case by making it appear the Motion he was paid to file was denied by the Court. Shortly after being hired by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office in 2006, he told the Times-Standard that he’d gotten in over his head as a new attorney and taken on more than he could handle. Dollison has always been misleading and continues to minimize the seriousness of his fraudulent and criminal conduct.
    Cal. Penal Code violations committed by Dollison include sections 487(a); 470(c); 484b, the first two are felonies, and had he been charged and convicted of these crimes, Dollison would have never been able to practice law in California again. Yet he believes we should let him prosecute people who have done such crimes without concern for his past bad acts. In December 2012, Dollison abruptly resigned from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office after he was discovered to have committed Brady violations. On December 13, 2012, Judge Marilyn Miles, speaking to Mr. Dollison, page 9, beginning at line 23, stated: “Something stinks here. I’m just telling you that, Counsel, I’ve been doing this for many years. I don’t know what’s going on, why in July something would not have been presented to defense saying, Hey, Law enforcement met. Here is something having to do with this case. There’s no way they can ask to generate a report if they’re not even told.” Dollison’s conduct resulted in a mistrial and he was accused of lying to a judge. After Dollison resigned, a subsequent defense motion to dismiss the case was later denied. Judge Watson heard the three day hearing, including Dollison’s testimony under oath, and noted that Dollison’s answers to questions under oath about his handling of the case — specifically his failure to disclose an interview between the defendant and the police investigator, without her attorney present, were “a bit convoluted, to perhaps say the least,” and that what he’d told the trial court “didn’t appear to even pass muster on making sense at the time and seemed to be a misstatement, a cover up, of some sort,” according to transcripts of the hearing.
    Dollison claims he chose to resign his post after Gallegos lost faith in him, but fails to disclose that he was escorted out of the D.A.’s Office. A procedure reserved for employees that are terminated, but given the option of resignation instead of the protracted process of being fired
    Dollison continues to claim he learned his lesson back in 2000 when the State Bar discipline proceeding took place. A shallow and weak excuse when he continues to reveal serious character faults such as those that led to his rapid departure following the December 2012 misconduct resulting in a mistrial after the jury was already empaneled and trial had begun. Dollison wants the voters to believe him. Unfortunately, Dollison is a serial liar and simply unable to tell the difference between the truth, and his truth. Dollison asks us to trust him! His clients trusted him which led to his disbarment in 2000. Paul Gallegos trusted him when he hired him, only to learn of his dishonesty to the court and judge. Now Dollison asks us to “trust” him with the most important and powerful executive position in Humboldt County. Ask yourself, can we take another chance on a double loser? Dollison is the type of person who will do anything to win, even break the law and the rules of professional conduct. His record is clear, he can’t be trusted!
    Credit to the (North Coast) Journal for what they had to say. May 1-7, 2014 Vol. 25, No. 18

      • When President Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas Allan Dollison was born 3 years after the shooting. Don’t think he had much to do with it, and I don’t believe the posts that suggest he was even there at the time. Biologically impossible, don’t you think?

  3. Just joking, but really, Dollison is very dangerous and the D.A ‘s power is nearly unlimited. Take this election seriously.

    • I hear you David. I can’t take any election too seriously, but Arnie Klein is the man for the job. He’s got experience, and anyone who’s seen him at work knows that he loves his job, and does it well.

  4. I know and respect Arnie Klein as a man and as an attorney. He is experienced, ethical, and a man of conscience. I would be more than satisfied if Arnie were to win this office. You are so right when you observe that Arnie loves his work.

    • Thanks David for all of your comments. If we can put Arnie in charge of the DA’a office, Humboldt’s criminal’s will be shaking in their boots.

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